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Bryony & Roses – Available Now!

bryonycoverscrivener Bryony and her sisters have come down in the world. Their merchant father died trying to reclaim his fortune and left them to eke out a living in a village far from their home in the city.

But when Bryony is caught in a snowstorm and takes refuge in an abandoned manor, she stumbles into a house full of dark enchantments. Is the Beast that lives there her captor, or a fellow prisoner? Is the house her enemy or her ally? And why are roses blooming out of season in the courtyard?

Armed only with gardening shears and her wits, Bryony must untangle the secrets of the house before she—or the Beast—are swallowed by them.

From the author of “The Seventh Bride” comes a new retelling of Beauty & the Beast, with gardeners, clockwork bees, and roses.

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3000 copies!

Delighted to announce that Seventh Bride has sold 3000 copies as of this writing!

It’s the bird skull, I’m telling you. I’m putting bird skulls on every cover from now on. FOREVER.


Seventh Bride

bridecoverfinalThe Seventh Bride

Now available!


Rhea is an ordinary miller’s daughter, engaged to be married under suspicious circumstances to a man not of her choosing. He has unknown powers and a manor house full of mysterious women.


Rhea has a hedgehog.


It’s probably not going to be enough.


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