“Humans and elves will tell you that goblins are stinking, slinking, filthy, sheep-stealing, cattle-rustling, henhouse-raiding, disgusting, smelly, obnoxious, rude, unmannerly, and violent.

The goblins would actually agree with all that, and they might add “cowardly” and “lazy” to the list as well. Goblins have lots of flaws, but few illusions.”  – from Nine Goblins

In a world where orcs, humans, and elves fight eternal wars, the goblin empire is just trying to get by. Sergeant Nessilka and the Nineteenth Goblin Infantry stagger from crisis to crisis, in search of safety, home, and a decent bowl of gruel.

The Goblinhome series begins with Nine Goblins. A sequel featuring the Nineteenth Infantry is currently being written.


Nine Goblins

(Goblinhome Book One)

When a party of goblin warriors find themselves trapped behind enemy lines, it’ll take more than whining (and a bemused Elven veterinarian) to get them home again.

A novella of low…very low…fantasy.

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