Burning questions answered here! Possibly!

Why are you using a pen-name?

Let us speak of what is technically called “Brand Separation,” which is a more elegant term than “Nooooooo, don’t give your seven-year-old that book! That book has sex and death in it! Noooooo!”

I am, in my day job, a children’s book author and illustrator, among other things. Had I been clever, I would have done all the kid’s books under a pen name, but I wasn’t and I didn’t, and now when I wish to write for adults, I must take measures to keep the two worlds separate. There is a sort of parent who means very well but who assumes that if you have written books for children, all of your books are therefore for children and they can run through Amazon clicking “BUY” and it all ends in tears and, in one memorable incident, me lunging across the table at a library raffle.

All things considered, it just seemed easier to start slowly shuffling stuff off under a pen-name.

Okay, but why T. Kingfisher?

Because I promised my friend Mur that I’d save “The Supervolcano Sisters” for our collaboration.

Also, a much more famous Ursula, Ursula K. LeGuin once wrote about being asked to write under her initials, and thinking “What does that stand for? Ulysses Kingfisher?” and there you go.

Also, I like kingfishers. I have a tattoo and everything.

What’s the T. stand for?

The. Or Terrance, depending on my mood.

Are you trying to be sneaky about it?

Yes. If you tell anyone that I’m really Ursula Vernon, I will hunt you down and nap very angrily in your direction.

Are any of the Kingfisher books available in print format?

Not at the moment, and before you ask, no, I have no immediate plans in that direction. It would be lovely if someone wanted to buy them to do a print version (I’ve chatted about Nine Goblins with a few people) but that is an entirely different skillset that I do not possess and the thought makes me tired and they would also be rather ridiculously expensive as print-on-demand, so print versions are currently on hold.

Can I purchase a PDF version of Toad Words? One doesn’t seem to be available anywhere.

You can! Yes! Send me an e-mail at ursulav (at) gmail.com and we will make this happen! Owing to the Smashwords meatgrinder, I no longer sell anything but e-pub through them, but I am committed to making sure you can still get a PDF, even if you have to talk to me directly.

Are you going to write the Sings-to-Trees book with the orc?

Yes. Yes, I am. But it will take awhile because first I have to write the second book with the goblins so that they can set up the third book, which will hopefully be Sings-to-Tree and Celadon Toadstool’s love story.

The stories are not dead and the second book is in the works, I’m just slow.

Will you ever do a book of those annotated fairy tales on your blog?

Probably not, sorry. While most of those stories are extremely far out of copyright, the translations themselves are often not, and I don’t want to go mucking around in those dark legal waters only to find that Disney owns the last half of the Story of Log and I am now penniless.

What format should I buy the book in, so that you get the most money?

I love you guys, and don’t worry about it. Whatever format is easy for you. The difference between platforms is usually pennies, and I’d rather you get the books however is most convenient for you. (If I ever set up a direct sale site, that may change, but at the moment, however you want to read it is fine by me.) If you really want to help out, a review is always nice. I don’t read my reviews for mental health reasons, so feel free to rate it however you want and tell the world what you really thought.

Is Elegant & Fine in any collection?

Nope. It is technically Narnia fan-fic, and therefore will have to wait another few years until that slithers out of copyright before I’ll put it anywhere that could be perceived as taking money for it.