Jackalopes, Brides, and Bird Bones

Goodness, I’ve gone too long between updates!


First, huge gratitude to the WSFA Small Press Awards, who honored Jackalope Wives this year. I am very touched to have been in such company.


Second, these have just arrived on my kitchen table!




They’ll be available next month through Amazon!


If you’re associated with NetGalley and do reviews, drop me an e-mail–I’ve got a NetGalley link for the thing, and…err…I don’t know how one solicits reviews like that, so…um. If someone does know, tell me.


Finally! If you would like something to tide you over, and to donate to a REALLY REALLY good cause, please check out the fundraiser for Rochita Loenen-Ruiz! Her husband passed away very unexpectedly last week. (People often say “I can’t imagine what that’s like,” when they try to be sympathetic, but many of us probably can imagine, in grim detail, because it’s the sort of thing that keeps us up on bad nights, thinking too much. Lord knows I do.)


Anyway, a whole bunch of authors and artists have kicked in donations, and since we have reached the 8K mark, if you donate now, even a little bit, you get access to all kinds of cool stuff, including a never-before-seen short story by yours truly under my other name (that would be “Ursula Vernon”) called “Bird Bones.” (It is silly and improbable and will hopefully make you laugh, not dark or meaningful or inclined to thrust introspection upon you, in case you were wondering. I got one of those coming out next month from Uncanny Magazine.) And if that doesn’t interest you, there’s rare stuff by Aliette de Bodard, JY Yang, a coloring book called ONORAPTOR MAKES A FRIEND, and more stuff being added all the time, plus you’ll be entered in drawings for all kinds of cool stuff donated. Check it out, donate money to a great cause, get words.

Jackalope Wives & World Fantasy

Jackalope Wives (which I am starting to think of as The Story That Keeps On Giving) has been nominated for a World Fantasy Award!

There was some initial confusion with the ballots, causing a novella to be listed for short story, so that was moved over and that opened a short story slot, and apparently Jackalope Wives was next in line. Go figure! I am extremely honored (and very surprised!)

You can read it on-line at Apex Magazine here!